Trending in 2022: Wallpaper!!

Wallpaper is back! And today, there are so many cool new options to choose from. Check out all the inspirational ideas for making wallpaper a design element in your home in this article from Homes & Gardens.

One of my personal favorite places to go for wallpaper inspiration is Sunday Social Club (SSC). SSC is a quirky collection of retro inspired Grasscloth Wallpaper prints and patterns, heavily inspired by that nostalgic 1980s décor but dusted off and amped up a few notches. Owners Jen and Alexis were excited to create something that was a reflection of their personalities and what they love: Wild prints in unexpectedly bright color combos, quirky characters & icons, and over-the-top vacation vibes all-year-round. You can see the collection on their website, or instagram page (@sunsocialclub). These are so fun . . my personal faves have to be Capwell’s Castle in Coral Splashes, and The Zoo Gang!

From the SSC Collection: Capwell’s Castle in Coral Splashes
Panels and other Bedroom Wall Ideas
In addition to grasscloth, choose a Hessian wallpaper to introduce texture to your walls.
Alexis Boeriu Konzcal, co-owner of SSC.
From the SSC Collection: Walking On Sunshine In Raspberry Beret
From the SSC Collection: The Zoo Gang In Bless The Rains
Dark Colors are back in! And with these Smart Living Room Lighting Ideas, you needn’t fret the dinge.

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